Gardening training placements available

If you are interested in re-training for a career in horticulture, there are currently training opportunities in the beautiful gardens at Fairlight Hall through the Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme (or WRAGS). Fairlight has supported this great scheme for several years and Head Gardener, Whitney Hedges is keen to help more trainees make their first step towards a career in horticulture.

National charity, the WFGA, through WRAGS provides men and women of all ages with the opportunity to work for up to 15 hours per week for one year under the instruction of a head gardener or knowledgeable garden owner. Trainees keep a record of their work and are paid the National Living Wage. Potential trainees come from many different earlier careers and might be novice gardeners or be studying horticulture, but all need to bring an enthusiasm and commitment to their training and above all a desire to learn. Potential trainees need to join the WFGA and pay an administration fee of £600 to help with the costs of the scheme.

WRAGS is just one project offered by the WFGA (Charity No. 212527) which was established in 1899 and helped to set up the first Women’s Land Army in 1912. For more information about applying for the WRAG Scheme see

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