A Festive Workshop

On November 18th Fairlight Hall held their annual Christmas Flowers and Wreath making workshop, the final event in the ‘Lunch and a Lecture’ Series.



This year participants made traditional holiday wreaths, lead by Fairlight Hall’s Head Gardener Whitney Hedge. She taught how to moss wire and spruce copper wreath bases. The Wreaths were constructed in the gloriously decorated hall at Fairlight Hall to a background of festive song.

There was a veritable cornucopia of decorations for use to personalise the creations.











Whitney Hedges said ‘I found It incredible how different everyone wreathes turned out, and everyone went home with a masterpiece to adorn their home, and the skills to create more that could be given as gifts for friends and family.’









img_1645After the wreath creation participants enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared from fresh vegetables grown in the garden.

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